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We review all customer facing aspects of your store; design intent, visual merchandising, store operations and retail training and development needs; collecting practical, measurable data and using 4 key customer touch points to evaluate the overall experience.

4 key customer touch points:

Products & Services
People & Behaviours

We've built a great reputation for inspiring change, provoking ideas and increasing retail sales through our creative insight, expert analysis and objective feedback.

Unlike basic mystery shopping activities, which leave many unanswered questions, our Meta-audit TM provides an in-depth critique of your business designed to highlight areas of commercial opportunity and give you clarity on the key issues affecting your sales performance.

The findings of the Meta-audit TM are compiled along with expert recommendations into a clear and simple report designed to act as a knowledge platform for your business.
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The Meta-audit ™ is a unique Metamorphosis concept, offering an in-depth commercial and visual evaluation of your business, designed to spark development and provide powerful knowledge upon which to build retail success.